Petrified Wood

Formed by nature millions of years ago, the Etruscans kept this in their ancient temples as a magical and propitiatory object of worship.

Petrified wood – from the Greek petro meaning rock – is siliconized wood that, depending on the elements in the soil, in time turns into quartz or opal. In colours that recall evening shadows it helps to increase manual dexterity.

The best-known deposits are in Brazil, Argentina, Canada, India, Madagascar and Australia. Slabs and cut-to-size pieces, available in limited quantities, can be combined with ammonites and nautiloids that embellish the compositions. This mineral has a high silicon content, activates the metabolism and facilitates skin regeneration.

To combat headaches and control emotions.

Any sample or range sample provided are for indicative purposes only and cannot represent the full range of possible variations

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